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PM Modi gives a stern message to Pakistan at SCO Summit

SCO Summit

PM Modi landed in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic on 13th june for the SCO Summit, and was received by the Deputy PM, Mr. Zamirbek Maribaevich Askarov. Along the sides of the SCO Summit, PM Modi also met various President bilaterally, this shows the extent of India’s importance in this regional bloc. India truely made diligent efforts at development and security, gave a stern message to Pakistan, and fostered bilateral relations in its  regional bloc at the SCO Summit.

Here is an overview from their bilateral meetings.

PM’s bilateral meeting with Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani:

PM Modi reiterated India’s support for Afghan-led peace process and also gave a ‘HEALTH’ mantra to nations.

This  meeting comes at a time when the Taliban is engaged in peace talks with the United States. Modi voiced his support for Afghanistan in its “endeavours towards peace and prosperity for its citizens”. He said in a wonderful meeting with President Ashraf Ghani ‘We discussed ways to further cement India-Afghanistan friendship

PM’s bilateral meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin :

Earlier in October, Putin travelled to India for the 19th India-Russia annual summit during which he held comprehensive discussions with Modi on wide-ranging bilateral, regional and international issues.

 Russia and India recognized that the new area of cooperation for them are Russian Far East and  Arctic region.

Russia recognised PM Modi’s efforts for building better bilateral relations and awarded him its highest state honour ‘Order of St Andrew the Apostle’ for his personal contribution in strengthening bilateral relations

Modi thanked the Russian President for his support for the AK-203 Kalashnikov rifles manufacturing unit in Amethi, an India-Russia joint venture. The unit was inaugurated by Modi in March in Korwa, near Amethi. Russia has been one of India’s key suppliers of arms and ammunition.

PM’s bilateral meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping:

‘China Poses No Threats to India’ In a statement Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing said president Xi Jinping urged Modi to deepen cooperation by properly handling differences and called for strengthening Confidence Building Measures to maintain stability at the border. News agency reports say, ‘China and India should both provide chances for development to each other and pose threats to each other”.

Xi called on the two countries to keep deepening mutual trust, focusing on cooperation, and properly handling their disputes so as to turn the bilateral relationship into a positive element for their respective development.

He pointed out that China and India are the only two emerging markets with a population of one billion in the world, both of which are at an important stage of rapid development. Working together, China and India will not only boost each other’s development, but also contribute to peace, stability and prosperity of Asia and the world at large.

Trilateral Meeting Plans

There will be a Russia, India and China trilateral meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in Osaka in Japan later this month, Gokhale said. Last December, Modi, Putin and Jinping held a trilateral meeting, the second among the three countries after a gap of 12 years, on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires during which they underscored the benefits of a multilateral trading system and an open world economy for global growth and prosperity.

SCO members discussing agendas at the Summit

India and Pakistan bilateral relations:

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also attended the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit in Bishkek on Thursday. Imran Khan also broke the diplomatic protocol, this time at the opening ceremony of the SCO Summit. In a video shared on the official twitter handle of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan is seen seated while all the other memebers stand up to welcome the head of states entering the hall. Later upon realising that he was the only one seated, he stood up breifly and sat down again before others did. This is the second time PM Imran Khan has broken diplomatic protocols, after the 14th OIC summit held in Saudi Arabia earlier this month. 

Imran Khan said that peace between India and Pakistan are dependent upon the issue of Kshmir and thier bilateral relations at this point are at the lowest. 

PM Modi and PM Imran Khan did not exchange any pleasantries let alone holding any bilateral meetings.

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Moreover, Modi, said “countries will have to come out of their narrow purview to unite against terrorism and countries sponsoring, aiding and supporting terrorism must be held accountable. India stands for a terrorism-free society.” This was a stren message to Pakistan.

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